Dienstag, 23. September 2008

Found a nice oldschool piece

Ok here's what I found yesterday:

Searching my (in the meantime) huge amount of tracks, I found this kinda 'old' shit. I call it oldschool cause at that time I didn't really know much about mastering and ish, but also, I was more concerned about the lyrics than about the music going with it. Nevertheless, all music is written by me and the instruments are also played by myself.
The songs are called 'I'm fine' and 'Material'. As a comment to 'I'm fine' I'd like to add this:
Go vote for Obama!

[scroll down for the player, playa]


I'm fine

Your mind is a box
we got big time loss
of knowledge circulating,
tell me who is your boss?
Who do u cling to?
who do u sing to?
if u know the value of he who
understands what's going on
differs right from wrong
and raises his kids
then tell me what the problem is
is it somebody keeping information from you,
hey u missed the registration cause you say 'politics is for fools',
I already know the truth
and listen, listen
I'm fine

I'm fine, I'm fine
I study, work and love and think and fight for a living

What the fuck is going on with this mass shizophrenia?
some say they fight for righteousness and love
but I can feel no righteousness here
is there an idea
that has the power to plant itself in everybody's mind
I wonder how a man in a cloud can
rule the world for so many years in time
I know
it's easy to put your faith in otherworldy things
for the truth that is present is horrible and confronting
artificial love
represented by dollar bills and the cross
but it's time to wake up
free yourself and say listen
listen I'm fine, I'm fine


Holy water, terrorism
damn, this shit is not real
u gotta help to gather educated souls and
break this letters seal for this letter's not written
by made up fundamental gods
but by real people
with real thoughts
and real, aching hearts
worthless territory that belongs to nobody
but the lords
of war
money and atomic bombs
tick tock, tick-a ti tock
they take all you got
until you're down to the bottom
they won't stop
silence is gold
but gold's the fucking thing they want
so raise your voice and shout I'm fine
I'm fine



We ain't got nothing
We ain't got
We ain't got nothing that we ain't got
We ain't got nothing

I know you love the things u got
I know u love the things u ain't got
But you gotta face the fact
that nothing's really yours
it's promiscious
It changes owner from day to day
and u don't really notice it
cause u are busy with what to get next
what to start next
is it good enough yet
isn't there any better goal that hasn't been set yet
that's what u think
and it won't pay

What u gonna go when your house is full of blings and things
and somebody is gonna come and bring you food
but you gonna say I ain't got no room
that has enough space to take what you gave
and if somebody comes into your house
ready to give you love
you gonna chase them away
cause there is no space to receive what would have been given
because your heart is trashed
and your wishes have been driven



urB'n sKoLa hat gesagt…

I'm fine is so parallel to the commentary in Zeitgeist. Did you see it before you wrote this?

Just ONE MORE REASON reason why I am excited to have come across your path...back in '06. Ur a thinker, and expressive. A great combination.

Much Love CLAY,

urB'n sKoLa hat gesagt…

And I think I need to learn German, cuz' your English is so bomb. Makes me believe I can learn ANY language!

The plural of I hat gesagt…

No, actually I have seen the movie waaaaaaaaaaaay after that. A friend of mine who studies sociology in vienna introduced me to this masterpiece. I have written a lot of things concerning the movie zeitgeist, I should post some of it.

Hehe, thank you but I think my english could be much better! For now I'm glad that it's enough to at least express what I'm thinking :)

German is one of the hardest languages to learn, BUT
I know you like to read so get urself books of Emanuel Kant, Wolfgang Goethe and Friedrich von Schiller.

also: the "older" german gets, the more it sounds like english. I guess those are good approaches of getting into the language more than well ^^

I'm also more than glad to have met you back then. There's a great exchange of ideas going on.