Mittwoch, 24. September 2008

Found another one...

Funky Clay Fresh (c)

Back in 2003. This track is pretty oldschool and underground.

Emily Soulcat E-Phife Dominguez on the Bass & Beat Production, Chorus and Songwriting

Funky Clay Fresh on the verbalz. Redone in 2007.



Are you in, are you on
are you concerned
are you
are you underground with me

Double jeopardy, russian rollet
let's play the game
we never know when we close our eyes forever
Double the beat, the rhodes on da sheet
let's wrap it up - I got sumthin' to say and I won't wait for ever
It's been a while now
that I hung low
roamin the streets for a job or education
I opened my eyes and finally realized that the streets is where you get it when you let it
open your mind and see all the whinin'
everybody wants some but ain't nobody get some
"you want a friend son?
with your style of clothes u better get used to beeing lonesome"
so I made the studio my throne and wrote on and on
I'm not a street kid, I've never done shit
but the truth is present and open to see
so why not rap instead, complainin' that we lost it
what I want you to do is to listen carefully
not necessarily to me but to your surroundings
there are forces working that never stop lurking,
eating you up until your naked bones is what we'll find
you ain't got a dime? no fancy dining?
your shoes are whack? well, that keeps you from running
away from the beast that is trying to feast
on your spirit, on your knowledge, on your kids
what would be the right thing to do
is to stand tall and while you're knowing this song
tell 'em what's up
you're a human beeing,
you struggle for living and ain't no mofo can keep u from evolving
now this is the point: it's your own evolution,
change the man in the mirror and then enforce the revolution
look in side of yourself, quit picking on everybody else
mass intelligence is measured by the strongest part of the chain


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