Dienstag, 23. September 2008

Looking for confident people to colabo w/ !


What have I been doing recently? That's a good question! Apart from the studies, the fun I've had with my daughter so far, the big tour through a part of europe (www.myspace.com/feiveltv) and more or less annoying stress with girls (!) I'm working on my first album since... ummm... 3 years?

No, to be honest all the stuff I have produced in the meantime (if you can really call it 'produced', since as long as you ain't got that shit on a cd with a voice on it and a perfect remaster u ain't produced shit) I do consider as doing your 'homework'. It's practice. Among around 200 (or more) tracks that I have made in the 'new era' (06 to 08) I choose the ones I seem to like and edit them for as long as I can survive with water, weed and sweets. Some I finish after 5 hours, some take me months to proceed from the intro to the first verse.

My style?
Well, that's a good question too. I can't really give you a proper answer to that, since after some time you get kind of 'deaf' for your own works. I can only say that I am inspired a lot by old school hip hop and electronic music, jazz and blues. Then there is also a preference for certain beats, grooves and scales that everyone has and differs from artist to artist. You can go and try to copy something but there will always be your own (nasty *g*) fingerprint on it. So it's hard to say.

I chose 3 tracks which I think I like (or maybe I thought I liked them when I was high) [and I mean high high high.] to give y'all a little taste of what I want the album to sound like. The tracks are still instrumental so far. If you think it's crappy or if u are someone who likes to give critique, then feel free to tell me. But be aware that I'm also a little bit conceited about my shit and I have a fetish for people that don't know what 'constructive critique' is - I love to beat em up with a mic and a dick all day! :)

Now why I'm writing all this?
Well, I'm looking for people who are willing to spend some time in working with crazy, psychedelic shit. In best case they know how to handle Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason and Adobe Audition, but not only that - in perfect case they also know how to handle a guitar, a keyboard, their voice or/and their lyrical mind and a pencil. They don't even have to live next door, in my city or not even in my country. Shout out to the possibilities of the web 2.0 on that part.

So if ya read this and know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody, or if you're that somebody - get at me. Either with a comment to this blog or via message. I don't care. Just make yourself heard ;)

I guess that's it.

Read y'all later! fg

'hi top fade in 08' is still a little messy but I think there's some potenital in it.
'want mo get mo' already has some kickass lyrics but I want someone to contribute a verse.
'grindin' is just another RnB vs. Experimental electronica piece.

click the play button in his chain to start listening!

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