Mittwoch, 24. September 2008

Somewhat bluesy...

We did this a pretty long while ago.


mo sex blues

comes time comes rhyme, comes time with it
comes time, comes vibe with it

The slow game of sunrise and the evening dawn
was the pattern for your eyes when you blink
when you open up the gate and moan
I peep how you're moving to the journey of the wind
scatter like clouds while the trees sing
wakes me up so slowly


Fascinating sound of water heading coast
makes me wanna copy it with my fingers
listen how I scratch your back,
doesn't it sound like chocolate when it breaks,
like velvet towels sliding down your waist
Feel how they slide,
like grapes beeing turned into wine
Slowly moving towards your belly button
you're the cause and the effect,
you're the cause and the effect


My lady,
you're the cause and the effect

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