Mittwoch, 24. September 2008

Make you understand

Again, I reached into my oldschool box and dragged out this piece called "Make you".
I'm sorry for the bad quality, I know u are used to better, but when I did that song I kinda hated it and just saved it low quality as a "sketch" of an idea. I didn't even make a second verse.

The only thing I'm proud of in this song is the bass, I finally made it to learn that "slap" thing.
(If you really wanna see a HELL OF A GOOD BASSPLAYA then check out Victor Wooten on youtube! Ok. I don't wanna be that mean....of course I'll show ya a goodie)

Talking about people that know how to handle their instrument, I want to say that you've maybe noticed that I sometimes like to have a present, distorted guitar in my songs or simply slick guitar licks. I can tell you who is my hero when it comes to playing the guitar: his name is Stanley Jordan. Damn, I dig everything in this dude, his style, his vibes, his guitar play. He started out as a kid playing the piano, but then he realized he wanted to play the guitar. Not knowing how to play it right, he grabbed it horizontal and started to play it like a piano, what led him to becoming a truly virtuous guitar player, using the style of the touching technique, which is also called "tapping" among guitarists- Why? Because you are playing by touching the string on the fret only, instead of strumming them the classical way. learn more!

Here's a little goodie I found for you:
(In this video he uses a mix of the strumming and the touching technique)

Well, to proceed to what I was talking about:
Here is the song with the lyrics going with it.

(Please scroll down a little bit for the player if you can't see it)


make you

I will make you understand

I will make you
I will make you....

[Power programmed your brain]

[Break down]


...what the world holds,
life holds
this is more than just a game
where you can't lose, you can't prove
the master in you
It's a riddle
a maze that ends with a serious grave
no matter what you do, you gon' die and you know it
better set your goals now before you leave us unknowing
not knowing what love is, who your soul is, who you are
not knowing, not flowing
make the change or go to hell
watch others pulling you down and you can't do anything against it
forget about the snake and the devil, all figures of our fantasy
you gotta be your own drive, set you free
from the hive and the hype
I'm talking about people around you
that use your weakness to manipulate
and finally make you their slave

Chorus starts

This is worse than eternal fire!


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