Mittwoch, 24. September 2008

Somewhat bluesy...

We did this a pretty long while ago.


mo sex blues

comes time comes rhyme, comes time with it
comes time, comes vibe with it

The slow game of sunrise and the evening dawn
was the pattern for your eyes when you blink
when you open up the gate and moan
I peep how you're moving to the journey of the wind
scatter like clouds while the trees sing
wakes me up so slowly


Fascinating sound of water heading coast
makes me wanna copy it with my fingers
listen how I scratch your back,
doesn't it sound like chocolate when it breaks,
like velvet towels sliding down your waist
Feel how they slide,
like grapes beeing turned into wine
Slowly moving towards your belly button
you're the cause and the effect,
you're the cause and the effect


My lady,
you're the cause and the effect

Make you understand

Again, I reached into my oldschool box and dragged out this piece called "Make you".
I'm sorry for the bad quality, I know u are used to better, but when I did that song I kinda hated it and just saved it low quality as a "sketch" of an idea. I didn't even make a second verse.

The only thing I'm proud of in this song is the bass, I finally made it to learn that "slap" thing.
(If you really wanna see a HELL OF A GOOD BASSPLAYA then check out Victor Wooten on youtube! Ok. I don't wanna be that mean....of course I'll show ya a goodie)

Talking about people that know how to handle their instrument, I want to say that you've maybe noticed that I sometimes like to have a present, distorted guitar in my songs or simply slick guitar licks. I can tell you who is my hero when it comes to playing the guitar: his name is Stanley Jordan. Damn, I dig everything in this dude, his style, his vibes, his guitar play. He started out as a kid playing the piano, but then he realized he wanted to play the guitar. Not knowing how to play it right, he grabbed it horizontal and started to play it like a piano, what led him to becoming a truly virtuous guitar player, using the style of the touching technique, which is also called "tapping" among guitarists- Why? Because you are playing by touching the string on the fret only, instead of strumming them the classical way. learn more!

Here's a little goodie I found for you:
(In this video he uses a mix of the strumming and the touching technique)

Well, to proceed to what I was talking about:
Here is the song with the lyrics going with it.

(Please scroll down a little bit for the player if you can't see it)


make you

I will make you understand

I will make you
I will make you....

[Power programmed your brain]

[Break down]


...what the world holds,
life holds
this is more than just a game
where you can't lose, you can't prove
the master in you
It's a riddle
a maze that ends with a serious grave
no matter what you do, you gon' die and you know it
better set your goals now before you leave us unknowing
not knowing what love is, who your soul is, who you are
not knowing, not flowing
make the change or go to hell
watch others pulling you down and you can't do anything against it
forget about the snake and the devil, all figures of our fantasy
you gotta be your own drive, set you free
from the hive and the hype
I'm talking about people around you
that use your weakness to manipulate
and finally make you their slave

Chorus starts

This is worse than eternal fire!


R.I.P. Emilia Dominguez Colón

It's been a while now that I postet this and in 2012 Soulcat is doing a re-edit of this post. Since Whitney died, I was inspired to think about who do I respect the most in the realm of the dead and came to the nswer that it's definitely my grandma who passed away many years ago, when I was still a child. I promised I would do a lot of songs for her and this was the first.


Found another one...

Funky Clay Fresh (c)

Back in 2003. This track is pretty oldschool and underground.

Emily Soulcat E-Phife Dominguez on the Bass & Beat Production, Chorus and Songwriting

Funky Clay Fresh on the verbalz. Redone in 2007.



Are you in, are you on
are you concerned
are you
are you underground with me

Double jeopardy, russian rollet
let's play the game
we never know when we close our eyes forever
Double the beat, the rhodes on da sheet
let's wrap it up - I got sumthin' to say and I won't wait for ever
It's been a while now
that I hung low
roamin the streets for a job or education
I opened my eyes and finally realized that the streets is where you get it when you let it
open your mind and see all the whinin'
everybody wants some but ain't nobody get some
"you want a friend son?
with your style of clothes u better get used to beeing lonesome"
so I made the studio my throne and wrote on and on
I'm not a street kid, I've never done shit
but the truth is present and open to see
so why not rap instead, complainin' that we lost it
what I want you to do is to listen carefully
not necessarily to me but to your surroundings
there are forces working that never stop lurking,
eating you up until your naked bones is what we'll find
you ain't got a dime? no fancy dining?
your shoes are whack? well, that keeps you from running
away from the beast that is trying to feast
on your spirit, on your knowledge, on your kids
what would be the right thing to do
is to stand tall and while you're knowing this song
tell 'em what's up
you're a human beeing,
you struggle for living and ain't no mofo can keep u from evolving
now this is the point: it's your own evolution,
change the man in the mirror and then enforce the revolution
look in side of yourself, quit picking on everybody else
mass intelligence is measured by the strongest part of the chain


Dienstag, 23. September 2008

Found a nice oldschool piece

Ok here's what I found yesterday:

Searching my (in the meantime) huge amount of tracks, I found this kinda 'old' shit. I call it oldschool cause at that time I didn't really know much about mastering and ish, but also, I was more concerned about the lyrics than about the music going with it. Nevertheless, all music is written by me and the instruments are also played by myself.
The songs are called 'I'm fine' and 'Material'. As a comment to 'I'm fine' I'd like to add this:
Go vote for Obama!

[scroll down for the player, playa]


I'm fine

Your mind is a box
we got big time loss
of knowledge circulating,
tell me who is your boss?
Who do u cling to?
who do u sing to?
if u know the value of he who
understands what's going on
differs right from wrong
and raises his kids
then tell me what the problem is
is it somebody keeping information from you,
hey u missed the registration cause you say 'politics is for fools',
I already know the truth
and listen, listen
I'm fine

I'm fine, I'm fine
I study, work and love and think and fight for a living

What the fuck is going on with this mass shizophrenia?
some say they fight for righteousness and love
but I can feel no righteousness here
is there an idea
that has the power to plant itself in everybody's mind
I wonder how a man in a cloud can
rule the world for so many years in time
I know
it's easy to put your faith in otherworldy things
for the truth that is present is horrible and confronting
artificial love
represented by dollar bills and the cross
but it's time to wake up
free yourself and say listen
listen I'm fine, I'm fine


Holy water, terrorism
damn, this shit is not real
u gotta help to gather educated souls and
break this letters seal for this letter's not written
by made up fundamental gods
but by real people
with real thoughts
and real, aching hearts
worthless territory that belongs to nobody
but the lords
of war
money and atomic bombs
tick tock, tick-a ti tock
they take all you got
until you're down to the bottom
they won't stop
silence is gold
but gold's the fucking thing they want
so raise your voice and shout I'm fine
I'm fine



We ain't got nothing
We ain't got
We ain't got nothing that we ain't got
We ain't got nothing

I know you love the things u got
I know u love the things u ain't got
But you gotta face the fact
that nothing's really yours
it's promiscious
It changes owner from day to day
and u don't really notice it
cause u are busy with what to get next
what to start next
is it good enough yet
isn't there any better goal that hasn't been set yet
that's what u think
and it won't pay

What u gonna go when your house is full of blings and things
and somebody is gonna come and bring you food
but you gonna say I ain't got no room
that has enough space to take what you gave
and if somebody comes into your house
ready to give you love
you gonna chase them away
cause there is no space to receive what would have been given
because your heart is trashed
and your wishes have been driven


Looking for confident people to colabo w/ !


What have I been doing recently? That's a good question! Apart from the studies, the fun I've had with my daughter so far, the big tour through a part of europe ( and more or less annoying stress with girls (!) I'm working on my first album since... ummm... 3 years?

No, to be honest all the stuff I have produced in the meantime (if you can really call it 'produced', since as long as you ain't got that shit on a cd with a voice on it and a perfect remaster u ain't produced shit) I do consider as doing your 'homework'. It's practice. Among around 200 (or more) tracks that I have made in the 'new era' (06 to 08) I choose the ones I seem to like and edit them for as long as I can survive with water, weed and sweets. Some I finish after 5 hours, some take me months to proceed from the intro to the first verse.

My style?
Well, that's a good question too. I can't really give you a proper answer to that, since after some time you get kind of 'deaf' for your own works. I can only say that I am inspired a lot by old school hip hop and electronic music, jazz and blues. Then there is also a preference for certain beats, grooves and scales that everyone has and differs from artist to artist. You can go and try to copy something but there will always be your own (nasty *g*) fingerprint on it. So it's hard to say.

I chose 3 tracks which I think I like (or maybe I thought I liked them when I was high) [and I mean high high high.] to give y'all a little taste of what I want the album to sound like. The tracks are still instrumental so far. If you think it's crappy or if u are someone who likes to give critique, then feel free to tell me. But be aware that I'm also a little bit conceited about my shit and I have a fetish for people that don't know what 'constructive critique' is - I love to beat em up with a mic and a dick all day! :)

Now why I'm writing all this?
Well, I'm looking for people who are willing to spend some time in working with crazy, psychedelic shit. In best case they know how to handle Ableton Live, Propellerhead Reason and Adobe Audition, but not only that - in perfect case they also know how to handle a guitar, a keyboard, their voice or/and their lyrical mind and a pencil. They don't even have to live next door, in my city or not even in my country. Shout out to the possibilities of the web 2.0 on that part.

So if ya read this and know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody, or if you're that somebody - get at me. Either with a comment to this blog or via message. I don't care. Just make yourself heard ;)

I guess that's it.

Read y'all later! fg

'hi top fade in 08' is still a little messy but I think there's some potenital in it.
'want mo get mo' already has some kickass lyrics but I want someone to contribute a verse.
'grindin' is just another RnB vs. Experimental electronica piece.

click the play button in his chain to start listening!

The Girl Effect


Thank you Krys - I found it in your blog.